The shive represents 70-75% of the hemp stem and is made from about 45% cellulose, 25% hemicellulose and 23% lignin. Also known as "hemp wood", the shive has an absorption power about 12 times higher than straw and 3.5 times higher than wood chips; it can absorb up to 4 times its weight.

Its thermal insulation properties, mineralization capacity and low density make it an ideal raw material for the building industry, animal husbandry and in the automotive, bioplastics and biocomposites sectors.

The shive is produced in four sizes: 1.5 mm, 3.5 mm, 10 mm (medium) and 22 mm (standard), completely de-dusted, with or without fiber according to the customer's request.

Supplied in bags of 20 kg or big bags of 2 m3 (200-300 kg depending on the size).


Size 1.5 mm
Size 3.5 mm
Size 10 mm
Size 22 mm



The fiber represents 25-30% of the stem and is constituted of approximately 80% cellulose, 8% pentosans and 5% lignin. This composition makes hemp fiber ideal for many applications where flexible, resistant, light and non-toxic materials are needed (textiles, plastic, filters, sound-absorbing panels and thermo-insulation, paper, ropes etc).

The company provides short fiber, also known as wool, obtained from the first processing of hemp straw in different degrees of cleaning (90 to 97%) and different lengths, suitable for the realization of thermal acoustic insulation panels and bio-felt and for reinforcement plastics.

Supplied in pressed bales measuring 1.30 mt x 1.20 mt  x 70 cm and weighing of 220 kg.

Blonde Fiber
Dark/Brown Fiber


The shives are used in animal husbandry as litter for large and small animals. With Hemp litter you get a comfortable bed, warm in winter and cool in summer, ideal for the care of your animals.

The outstanding absorbent properties of shive mean it absorbs ammonia, thus avoiding unpleasant odors and it improves the quality of the breathing of the animals so you get a decrease in disease and respiratory complications. The antiseptic and antifungal properties of hemp impede the proliferation of flies, various insects and hoof moths. Thanks to its spongy and shock-absorbing consistence, hemp litter is ideal for horses as it stops them from slipping and hurting themselves and maintains their hooves dry and healthy.

Thanks to the soft and spongy texture of shives horses are protected from slips, injuries and maintain healthy and dry hooves. This type of litter is not palatable, so it does not get eaten. Once used, it can be used as a fertilizer with excellent results.

Supplied in 20 kg bags for horse boxes and stables, in 20 mm size completely dusted and with no fiber.
Supplied in 2 ½ kg bags for small animals, in 20 mm size completely dusted and with no fiber.


Hemp mulch is a higher quality litter for gardens. It is easy to apply, it is natural and long lasting. Horticultural field trials and commercial products checks have demonstrated the high quality of hemp derived mulch, defining it as a superior horticultural mulch.

Easy to handle and soft to the touch, it is easy to disentangle and separate for use and it does not tend to make a crust on the surface. It creates a favorable environment for positive organisms such as earthworms and biological communities (the combination of vegetable and animal life that characterizes a certain region or area). Once you wet them the fibers bind progressively thanks to the content of cellulose, lignin and pectin. The product does not fear gusts of wind and once laid out the surface of the mulch is generally dry.

Its application prevents the growth of weeds and the loss of water due to evaporation. It protects the soil from freezing in very cold winters and in hot summers prevents desertification. Depending on the thickness of application, it can last from 4 to 9 months. It is completely biodegradable and adds humus to the soil.

Supplied in bags of 10 kg for mulching and nourishing.



  •  It retains soil moisture
  • Avoids the loss of land caused by wind and rain
  • Reduces temperature extremes of heat and cold, encouraging the continued growth and protecting young plants
  • Stimulates the growth of earthworms and beneficial soil fauna
  • Completely free of chemical substances during the growth and transformation
  • Seed Bank and weeds
  • It discourages slugs and snails
  • Neutral pH
  • Creates a carpet with superior characteristics for stopping the growth of weeds
  • Helps poor soil create more organic substances




  • Around fruit trees and vines
  • In the home for potted plants and vegetable gardens in window boxes
  • Excellent for strawberries
  • Big pots - large shrubs
  • Anti-erosion and weed control


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