The company was founded in June 2013 to allow industrial hemp to become a reality that can be useful for the agricultural, industrial and craft economy in Southern Italy.  South Hemp Tecno srl opened the first plant for the primary processing of hemp straw (Cannabis sativa L.) in the South, operative since end 2014.


The production activity consists in processing the hemp straws harvested from the agricultural supply chains to be transformed into the two constituent parts: the shives (wood internal part) and the technical fiber (short) that will be used for different industrial applications.


Also signed by Federcanapa, the EIHA Manifesto underlines the potential of industrial hemp in climate change reduction and containment strategies.

The European industrial hemp sector is ready to participate actively in this change.

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 Our goal is to revive the agricultural and industrial chain of hemp on the Italian territory and in particular in the south, thus creating a great opportunity for young farmers and entrepreneurs who, instead of having to leave the wonderful regions of Southern Italy in search of work, can achieve something concrete and innovative in their own land.


 Hemp is a noble plant, it has an erect stem, that can reach up to 5-6 meters in height, depending on the variety and the environment.

 Its seeds are rich in oil with high nutritional value, while the flowers contain several important phyto-relevant drug compounds.

  The section of the stem can vary in size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in diameter and is made from a robust external fiber and an inner very light, white woody part called shive.


 Here begins the work of South Hemp. Thanks to a close cooperation with the local territories South Hemp promoted the development of an agricultural sector in Central and Southern Italy, based on principles of ecological sustainability, cooperation and respect for farmers and the environment.

Hemp is the future, all we need to do is sow it....





 Through primary transformation South Hemp separates hemp straw into fibers and shives, environmentally sustainable materials with remarkable properties useful for both industry and crafts.

 Up to now hemp has been used in the following sectors: construction, textile, food, plastics, energy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, automotive / aerospace, design, animal husbandry and agriculture.


 Get to know our Agricultural Supply Chain, discover the regions of Italy where South Hemp works and collaborates.
  A journey that starts from Puglia, passes from Sicily and arrives until the Marches, where the beauties of the country landscapes mix with the green of Hemp.


 This wonderful plant offers the opportunity to create health and well-being for humans and the environment by promoting a sustainable economic system.

 Hemp is a valuable contribution to a healthier life and a richer environment!


 We are happy and proud to support any research project and enterprise related to the hemp world with the knowledge that it is a common good and it should remain such.

 We seek to promote the connection between different areas of the hemp sector, making it accessible to everyone in a circular economy that can benefit the community and not just the individual.

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