Through close cooperation with the territories, the company has developed an agricultural supply chain in Central and Southern Italy. After three years of hard work, the company managed to control about 450 hectares of industrial hemp and to develop a pilot plant for the primary transformation.

 The cultivation of Hemp brings a concrete value to the agricultural world, improves the yields of subsequent crops and with zero pesticides and herbicides keeps the environment healthy for the biological.

 Future developments in this sector must take into account the characteristics and quality of the territories, enhancing their diversity and traditions.


 This region represents the agriola base of South Hemp, where most of the cultivation is concentrated. From the Salento area, to the Gergano, passing through Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, Hemp grows all over Puglia.


«... Lucania is the territory between the Tyrrhenian coast, from Sele to Lao, and that of the Ionian, from Metaponto to Turi ...»

Strabo (historian of the first century BC)


The exclusive climate of these territories allows you to collect in advance. This land offers organic products of excellence, hemp in the first place.



Campania, from the Latin noun "campus" with the meaning of "plain, open countryside" this region lends itself to agriculture since ancient times. Favorable climate, fertility of the land and amenities of the area, in this region hemp grows.


Sun and sea breeze, the hemp grows tall and luxuriant in this region.


Hemp grows very well in the beautiful and gentle hills of the Marches.


From the sea to the mountains we have been collaborating for several years in this region.


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