South Hemp Techno supplies farmers with hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L.) certified by the European Union for industrial use with THC contents of less than 0.2% and draws up contracts for the removal of straw and the management of food seeds produced. The company acts as a support structure for farmers, guiding them through the land preparation process (to be done in late summer / fall), seeding (March / April), mowing and threshing.

At the delivery of the seed at our warehouse or at your company, you will receive a straw transfer agreement. The varieties available are evaluated annually, usually the supply chain works with French varieties (future 75) bivalent monoica for seed and fiber suitable for the southern climate. We also have Italian giant fiber varieties. You cannot buy less than 20 kg for Italian varieties and 25 kg for the French variety, seeding density ranges from 35 to 50 kg / ha.


Straws are bought by farmers as per agreed contract and transported to the factory for primary processing in Crispiano (TA). It is important that the product is handled according to certain standards, so as to favor the transformations that follow.

Traditional harvest with side teeth mower during the period of completion of the vegetative stage (flowering) mid-July and early August. Drying and pre-mushing in the field for about 30 days, depending on the regions of production. Simple swathing, then allowed to dry to a humidity of 13% and pressed with packing machine.

The bales must not contain rocks, iron, plastic or debris of any kind. After it has been packed, the product must be kept out of the rain and protected on damp nights, while it is good if it rains on it when it is still in the field, after mowing.


The post-threshing drying and cleaning service is offered. The seed can then be packed in bags for marketing. It is important that the fresh seeds are dried within the first four hours thus ensuring the quality of the of the product.


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